Advanced composite materials

Ashutosh Tiwari, Mohammad Rabia Alenezi, Seong Chan Jun

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Composites materials is basically the combining of unique properties of materials to have synergistic effects. A combination of materials is needed to adapt to certain properties for any application area. There is an everlasting desire to make composite materials stronger, lighter or more durable than traditional materials. Carbon materials are known to be attractive in composites because of their combination of chemical and physical properties. In the recent years, development of new composites has been influenced by precision green approaches that restrict hazardous substances and waste created during production. This book ranges from the fundamental principles underpinning the fabrication of different composite materials to their devices, for example, applications in energy harvesting, memory devices, electrochemical biosensing and other advanced composite-based biomedical applications. This book provides a compilation of innovative fabrication strategies and utilization methodologies which are frequently adopted in the advanced composite materials community with respect to developing appropriate composites to efficiently utilize macro and nanoscale features. The key topics are: • Pioneer composite materials for printed electronics • Current-limiting defects in superconductors • High-tech ceramics materials • Carbon nanomaterials for electrochemical biosensing • Nanostructured ceramics and bioceramics for bone cancer • Importance of biomaterials for bone regeneration • Tuning hydroxyapatite particles • Carbon nanotubes reinforced bioceramic composite • Biomimetic prototype interface.

Original languageEnglish
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ISBN (Electronic)9781119242666
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Publication statusPublished - 2016 Sept 30

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