Altered gut microbiota in individuals with episodic and chronic migraine

Dongeun Yong, Hakbae Lee, Hyung Gyu Min, Kyungnam Kim, Hyun Seok Oh, Min Kyung Chu

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Emerging evidence reveals a close association between gut microbiota and human neurological disorders. The present study aimed to assess whether the composition of gut microbiota in participants with episodic migraine (EM) and chronic migraine (CM) was altered in comparison to that of the controls. This study was a cross-sectional, case–control study. The gut microbiota were evaluated by the partial, targeted sequencing of the 16S rRNA V3–V4 region. This study enrolled 42 and 45 participants with EM and CM, respectively, and 43 controls. Alpha and beta diversities revealed no significant difference among the three groups; however, the microbiota composition at the class, order, family, and genus levels differed significantly between EM and the control, CM and the control, and the EM and CM groups. Moreover, higher composition of PAC000195_g was significantly associated with a lower headache frequency among the five genera that exhibited significantly different microbiota composition in EM and CM. Agathobacter revealed a significant negative association with severe headache intensity. The findings of the present study provide evidence of altered gut microbiota in EM and CM. These findings will help in understanding the course and treatment of migraine.

Original languageEnglish
Article number626
JournalScientific reports
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2023 Dec

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This research was supported by a grant from the Korea Health Technology R&D Project through the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), funded by the Ministry of Health & Welfare, Republic of Korea (Grant No.: HV22C0106) and a National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) grant from the Korean government (MSIT) (2022R1A2C1091767).

Funding Information:
Author MKC was a site investigator for a multicenter trial sponsored by Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, Allergan Korea, and the Ildong Pharmaceutical Company. He has received lecture honoraria from Eli Lilly and Company, Handok-Teva, and Ildong Pharmaceutical Company over the past 36 months. He received grants from Yonsei University College of Medicine (6–2021-0229), the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) (HV22CO106) and National Research Foundation of Korea (2022R1A2C1091767). Author HSO is employed by CJ Bioscience Inc. The other authors declare that they have no competing interests.

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