AMPKα modulation in cancer progression: Multilayer integrative analysis of the whole transcriptome in Asian gastric cancer

Yon Hui Kim, Han Liang, Xiuping Liu, Ju Seog Lee, Jae Yong Cho, Jae Ho Cheong, Hoguen Kim, Min Li, Thomas J. Downey, Matthew D. Dyer, Yongming Sun, Jingtao Sun, Ellen M. Beasley, Hyun Cheol Chung, Sung Hoon Noh, John N. Weinstein, Chang Gong Liu, Garth Powis

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Gastric cancer is the most common cancer in Asia and most developing countries. Despite the use of multimodality therapeutics, it remains the second leading cause of cancer death in the world. To identify the molecular underpinnings of gastric cancer in the Asian population, we applied an RNA-sequencing approach to gastric tumor and noncancerous specimens, generating 680 million informative short reads to quantitatively characterize the entire transcriptome of gastric cancer (including mRNAs and miRNAs). A multilayer analysis was then developed to identify multiple types of transcriptional aberrations associated with different stages of gastric cancer, including differentially expressed mRNAs, recurrent somatic mutations, and key differentially expressed miRNAs. Through this approach, we identified the central metabolic regulator AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK)α as a potential functional target in Asian gastric cancer. Furthermore, we experimentally showed the translational relevance of this gene as a potential therapeutic target for early-stage gastric cancer in Asian patients. Together, our findings not only provide a valuable information resource for identifying and elucidating the molecular mechanisms of Asian gastric cancer, but also represent a general integrative framework to develop more effective therapeutic targets.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2512-2521
Number of pages10
JournalCancer Research
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2012 May 15


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Kim, Y. H., Liang, H., Liu, X., Lee, J. S., Cho, J. Y., Cheong, J. H., Kim, H., Li, M., Downey, T. J., Dyer, M. D., Sun, Y., Sun, J., Beasley, E. M., Chung, H. C., Noh, S. H., Weinstein, J. N., Liu, C. G., & Powis, G. (2012). AMPKα modulation in cancer progression: Multilayer integrative analysis of the whole transcriptome in Asian gastric cancer. Cancer Research, 72(10), 2512-2521.