B-type natriuretic peptide predicts clinical presentations and ventricular overloading in patients with heart failure

Boyoung Joung, Byung Eun Park, Dong Soo Kim, Bum Kee Hong, Dong Yeon Kim, Yun Hyeong Cho, Sang Hak Lee, Young Won Yoon, Hyun Seung Kim, Jeong Ho Kim, Hyuck Moon Kwon

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Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP), a neurohormone secreted from the ventricular myocardium in response to hemodynamic load/wall stress, in congestive heart failure (CHF). This study was performed to evaluate the correlation between BNP level and clinical presentations and hemodynamic parameters obtained by echo-Doppler (echo-Doppler) analysis, and its relation with disease severity and ventricular load/wall stress. CHF patients (n=246) were subgrouped by clinical presentations and echo-Doppler findings into 4 groups: diastolic HF only, chronic HF, acute HF, and chronic HF with acute exacerbation. A BNP level of 81.2 pg/ml showed a sensitivity/specificity of 53.3%/98.4% for detecting CHF (AUC, 0.882; p<0.0001), and was found to be closely related with the NYHA classification (p<0.0001). Log BNP was related with LVEF (r2=0.3015, p<0.0001) and the Meridional wall stress index (r2=0.4052, p<0.0001). The difference between the BNP levels of the subgroups and BNP control was significant (p< 0.0001), exept between the HF group and the controls; control (n=114, 20.9 ± 31.4 pg/ml), only diastolic HF (n=84, 89.8 ± 117.6 pg/ml , chronic HF (n=60, 208.2 ± 210.2 pg/ml), acute HF (n=28, 477.9 ± 498.4 pg/ml), chronic HF with acute exacerbation (n=74, 754.1 ± 419.2 pg/ml). The BNP level was significantly higher in the only diastolic HF group than in the asymptomatic control group with diastolic dysfunction (89.8 ± 12.8 vs. 22.8 ± 5.1 pg/ml, p<0.0001). BNP may be a good indicator for the differential diagnosis of a broad spectrum of heart failures. And, elevated BNP might help to diagnose diastolic HF in patients with diastolic dysfunction.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)623-634
Number of pages12
JournalYonsei medical journal
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2003 Aug 30

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