Bulk micromachining of Si by metal-assisted chemical etching

Sang Mi Kim, Dahl Young Khang

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Bulk micromachining of Si is demonstrated by the well-known metal-assisted chemical etching (MaCE). Si microstructures, having lateral dimension from 5 ìm up to millimeters, are successfully sculpted deeply into Si substrate, as deep as >100 ìm. The key ingredient of this success is found to be the optimizations of catalyst metal type and its morphology. Combining the respective advantages of Ag and Au in the MaCE as a Ag/Au bilayer confi guration leads to quite stable etch reaction upon a prolonged etch duration up to >5 h. Further, the permeable nature of the optimized Ag/Au bilayer metal catalyst enables the etching of pattern features having very large lateral dimension. Problems such as the generation of micro/nanostructures and chemical attacks on the top of pattern surface are successfully overcome by process optimizations such as post-partum sonication treatment and etchant formulation control. The method can also be successful to vertical micromachining of Si substrate having other crystal orientations than Si(100), such as Si(110) and Si(111). The simple, easy, and low-cost nature of present approach may be a great help in bulk micromachining of Si for various applications such as microelectromechanical system (MEMS), micro total analysis system (ìTAS), and so forth.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2014 Sep 1

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