Cancer risk in road transportation workers: a national representative cohort study with 600,000 person-years of follow-up

Wanhyung Lee, Mo Yeol Kang, Jihyun Kim, Sung Shil Lim, Jin Ha Yoon

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We analysed cancer risk in road transportation workers (RTWs) exposed to traffic air pollution and motor vehicle engine exhaust using the Korean National Health Insurance Service database. RTWs were defined as individuals in the transportation workers group doing road transportation. First admission history of cancer within a 3-year wash-out period was defined as an incident case. The crude incidence, standardised incidence ratio (SIR), and 95% confidence interval (CI) of all cancer risk of RTWs were compared with those of government employees or the whole working population. In total, 3,074 cancer cases were found among RTWs. The respective SIRs and 95% CIs for cancers in RTWs compared with those in the whole population were as follows: liver and intrahepatic bile duct cancers, 1.15 and 1.04–1.27; other digestive organ cancers, 1.28 and 1.04–1.57; trachea, bronchus, and lung cancers, 1.28 and 1.15–1.43; and bladder cancer, 1.26 and 1.03–1.52, respectively. The corresponding SIRs and 95% CIs were also higher in RTWs than in government employees. RTWs have a high risk of developing cancer, including cancer in the liver, intrahepatic bile ducts, other digestive organs, trachea, bronchus, lung, and bladder. Our results can assist in establishing prevention strategies for various cancers in RTWs.

Original languageEnglish
Article number11331
JournalScientific reports
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Dec 1

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Funding Information:
We acknowledge the government authorities of the Department of Big Data Steering, National Health Insurance Service. We thank all the scientists working in the National Health Insurance Service who collected and handled the information from medical claims data of the National Health Insurance. This work was supported by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute through “Social and Environmental Risk Research” funded by Ministry of Health & Welfare (HI19C0052). JH Yoon was awarded that grant. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

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