Desafíos a la capacidad pública en la era de una administración pública en evolución y reforma del gobierno

Translated title of the contribution: Challenges to the public capacity in the era of evolving public administration and government reform

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New paradigms of public administration have been introduced in government in order to cure administrative ills around the world. Various trajectories of public sector reforms have also been actively introduced in many countries. The purpose of this paper is, however, neither examining the paradigm shift in public administration nor evaluating Korean public sector reform. Instead, the focus of this paper is to deal with the consequences of the paradigm change of public administration and government reform because the author sees that the public capacity has declined or at least not improved while a wide range of innovations have been carried out in many governments under the NPM and governance perspectives. Accordingly, this paper first looks at the evolution of public administration, followed by discussion of government reform and its consequences, and governance change in South Korea. Then various issues on new challenges such as the lack of the public capacity, and new tasks such as capacity building and calls for curriculum development will be elaborated, followed by conclusions.

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JournalGestion y Politica Publica
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Publication statusPublished - 2007 Jan 1


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