Combustion characteristics of waste sludge at air and oxy-fuel combustion conditions in a circulating fluidized bed reactor

Ha Na Jang, Jeong Hun Kim, Seung Ki Back, Jin Ho Sung, Heung Min Yoo, Hang Seok Choi, Yongchil Seo

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Oxy-fuel combustion and circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technologies were applied to waste sewage sludge using a cold-bed and a 30 kWth CFB pilot test bed. In the cold-bed tests, the minimum fluidization velocity (umf) and the superficial velocity were determined as 0.120 m/s and 2.5 m/s, respectively. In pilot tests, the combustion characteristics of waste sewage sludge in oxy-fuel condition were very distinctive compared with that in air condition in terms of operation parameters such as the distribution of pressure drop and temperature, flue-gas temperature, and the composition of ash and flue-gas. Based on cold-bed and pilot bed tests, the oxygen injection rate was optimized in the range from 21% to 25% in oxy-fuel condition for waste sludge combustion to apply oxy-fuel combustion and CFB technologies with considering technologies for stable and economic operation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)92-99
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Apr 15


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