Comparison between Genetic Programming and Dynamic Models for Compact Electrohydraulic Actuators

Hamid Bamshad, Seongwon Jang, Hyemi Jeong, Jaesung Lee, Hyunseok Yang

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A compact electrohydraulic actuator (C-EHA) is an innovative hydraulic system with a wide range of applications, particularly in automation, robotics, and aerospace. The actuator provides the benefits of hydraulics without the expense and space requirements of full-sized hydraulic systems and in a much cleaner manner. However, this actuator is associated with some disadvantages, such as a high level of nonlinearity, uncertainty, and a lack of studies. The development of a robust controller requires a thorough understanding of the system behavior as well as an accurate dynamic model of the system; however, finding an accurate dynamic model of a system is not always straightforward, and it is considered a significant challenge for engineers, particularly for a C-EHA because the critical parameters inside cannot be accessed. Our research aims to evaluate and confirm the ability of genetic programming (GP) to model a nonlinear system for a C-EHA. In our paper, we present and develop a GP model for the C-EHA system. Furthermore, our study presents a dynamic model of the system for comparison with the GP model. As a result, by using this actuator in the 1-DOF arm system and conducting experiments, we confirmed that the GP model has a better performance with less positional error compared with the proposed dynamic model. The model can be used to conduct further studies, such as designing controllers or system simulations.

Original languageEnglish
Article number961
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Oct

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