Compensation for lateral misalignment in litz wire based on multilayer coil technology

Hyungjun Chang, Taejun Lim, Yongshik Lee

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This study applies a multilayer coil technology that can compensate for a decrease in transfer efficiency due to a lateral misalignment in a practical 100 kHz-band wireless power transfer system and validates its effect on the efficiency of compensation. The effectiveness is investigated using coils fabricated with Litz wires. Three-turn rectangular assistant coils 22.4 × 45.3 mm2 in size were stacked on a five-turn circular primary coil with a diameter of 45.3 mm in a 2 × 1 array. Transfer efficiency between two such coils was measured by producing lateral misalignment, while maintaining the vertical distance between the Tx and Rx coils at 7 mm. The experimental results showed that the transfer efficiency was compensated by approximately 46.1%P maximum in a misalignment state of 30 mm, which corresponded to 67% of the maximum size of the coil, compared to the transfer efficiency of the structure, in which the multilayer coil was not applied. Furthermore, transfer efficiency was compensated by 37.6%P, even in an asymmetric system in which the multilayer structure was applied only to the Tx coil, thereby confirming an excellent multilayer coil technology effect on compensation for lateral misalignment in practical cases.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2295
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Apr 1

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