Dehydrothermally Cross-Linked Collagen Membrane with a Bone Graft Improves Bone Regeneration in a Rat Calvarial Defect Model

Yin Zhe An, Young Ku Heo, Jung Seok Lee, Ui Won Jung, Seong Ho Choi

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In this study, the bone regeneration efficacy of dehydrothermally (DHT) cross-linkedcollagen membrane with or without a bone graft (BG) material was evaluated in a critical-sized ratmodel. An 8-mm-diameter defect was created in the calvaria of 40 rats, which were randomized intofour groups: (1) control; (2) DHT; (3) BG; and, (4) DHT + BG. Evaluations were made at 2 and 8 weeksafter surgery using micro-computed tomographic (micro-CT), histological, and histomorphometricanalyses. Micro-CT analysis showed an increase in the new bone volume (NBV) of the BG and DHT+ BG groups at 2 weeks after surgery, representing a significant difference (p < 0.05). At 8 weeksafter surgery, the NBV increased in all four groups. However, larger NBVs were observed in theBG and DHT + BG groups, and a significant difference was no longer observed between the twogroups. Histologic analysis demonstrated that the graft materials sustained the center of the defectin the BG and DHT + BG groups, which was shown in histomorphometric analysis as well. Theseresults suggest that DHT membrane is a safe biomaterial with adequate tissue integration, and hasa positive effect on new bone formation. Moreover, the best effects were achieved when DHT wasused in conjunction with BG materials.

Original languageEnglish
Article number927
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Aug 10


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