Dependence of water sorption in polyimides on the internal linkage in the diamine component

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The dependence of the water sorption behavior of polyimide thin films upon different diamine fragments was gravimetrically investigated. It was found that the diffusion coefficient and water uptake were strongly dependent upon the internal linkage in the diamine fragment, and varied in the range of 1.6×10-10 13.5×10-10 cm2/s and 1.52 ∼ 5.63 wt.%, respectively. The water sorption behavior of the polyimide films decreased with increasing bulkiness of the internal linkages in the diamine fragments: BPDA-PDA<BPDA-Bz<BPDA-ODA<BPDA-DDS<BPDA-FDA. Specifically, BPDA-DDS and BPDA-FDA polyimide films with bulky internal linkages in the diamine fragments showed poor chain orientation and low intermolecular packing order, leading to relatively high water sorption (i.e. fast diffusion and high water uptake).

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JournalPolymer Degradation and Stability
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2001 Sep 29


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