Design and analysis of phase change material based floor heating system for thermal energy storage

Beom Yeol Yun, Sungwoong Yang, Hyun Mi Cho, Seong Jin Chang, Sumin Kim

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Pleasant interior space is essential for modern people who spend considerably more time in the buildings than they did in the past. To achieve this, one aspect includes an ambient temperature that maintains the thermal equilibrium of the human body. The construction of wood framed buildings is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and there have been recent trends toward constructing high-rise wooden houses. In this respect, heating methods appropriate for use in wooden buildings are being studied. Dry floor heating systems are predominantly used in wooden houses, but they provide a poor heat storage performance, which is not conducive to saving energy. In this study, the effects of thermal comfort and energy savings were analyzed after applying a phase change material (PCM) to floor heating, which can be used to reduce the peak temperature and contribute to energy savings. To enable shape stabilization, this study used Macro-Packed PCM (MPPCM), as shape stabilization is necessary when applying PCM. The heat storage performance was improved by applying MPPCM to a dry floor heating system. Paraffin-based PCMs, such as n-octadecane, n-eicosane, and n-docosane, were used to obtain a comfortable floor temperature range. Experimental temperatures ranged from 28 °C to 35 °C, with an entire temperature range of 7 °C. Experimental results showed that the heat storage performance of MPPCM reduced the amount of energy used for heating by 43%, and n-eicosane was the most effective PCM for use in floor heating with respect to obtaining a comfortable floor temperature.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)480-488
Number of pages9
JournalEnvironmental Research
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Jun

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  • Biochemistry
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