Development of low background CsI(Tl) crystals and search for WIMP

H. J. Kim, H. S. Lee, H. C. Bhang, J. H. Choi, H. Dao, I. S. Hahn, M. J. Hwang, S. W. Jung, W. G. Kang, D. W. Kim, S. C. Kim, S. K. Kim, T. Y. Kim, Y. D. Kim, J. W. Kwak, Y. J. Kwon, J. Lee, J. H. Lee, J. I. Lee, M. J. LeeM. H. Lee, J. Li, X. Li, S. S. Myung, S. Ryu, J. H. So, J. J. Zhu

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The response of CsI(Tl) crystals to nuclear recoils and γs down to 3 keV has been studied, and it has been demonstrated that the pulse shape discrimination capability for CsI(Tl) is better than that for NaI(Tl). Extensive study of internal background of CsI powder was performed and a lot of efforts have been made to reduce the internal background sources such as137Cs and 87Rb. The 137Cs concentration of 2 mBq/kg was achieved successfully in the CsI powder using ultra-pure water for whole extraction process. The Rb concentration was successfully reduced to be less than 1 ppb by the recrystallization method. The CsI(Tl) crystal used for the experiment was grown with the ultra-low background CsI powder and a dimension of the CsI(Tl) crystal is 8 × 8 × 30 cm3 which corresponds to weight of 8.7 kg. The number of photoelectrons is measured to be about 4-6/keV with a RbCs photocathode PMT. The background of CsI(Tl) crystals were measured in the shielding of 30 cm thick mineral oil, 15 cm thick lead, 5 cm thick polyethylene and 10 cm copper at the 700 m minimum depth of underground laboratory at Yang Yang Pumped Storage Power Plant in Korea. The WIMP search with low background CsI(Tl) crystals has been carried out by the Korean Invisible Mass Search (KIMS) Collaboration and the lower limit on WIMP-nucleon cross section are reported.

Original languageEnglish
Article number4545135
Pages (from-to)1420-1424
Number of pages5
JournalIEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2008 Jun

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Manuscript received June 21, 2007; revised December 7, 2007. This work was supported by the Korea Research Foundation Grant by Korea Government (MOEHRD, Basic Research Promotion Fund) (KRF-2005-070-C00034) and the Creative Research Initiative Program of the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation.

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