Dissolving microneedles for transdermal drug administration prepared by stepwise controlled drawing of maltose

Kwang Lee, Chang Yoel Lee, Hyungil Jung

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Dissolving microneedles, three-dimensional polymer structures with microscale cross-sectional dimensions, have been introduced as a means of safe transdermal drug delivery. Most dissolving microneedles have been fabricated using a traditional micro-casting method that cures biopolymers within three-dimensional mold, nevertheless, repeated molding process may cause damage to encapsulated drugs, a critical hurdle for clinical application. Here, we describe the stepwise controlled drawing technique that can directly fabricate dissolving microneedle from maltose by precise controlling the drawing time and the viscosity of the maltose. Controlled drawing shaped the particular sharp-conical microneedles of 1200 μm length with tip diameter of 60 μm, and dissolved within 20 min in-vivo after inserting to the skin. This technique surpasses the limitations of micro-casting for dissolving microneedle. Furthermore, transdermal delivery of impermeable hydrophilic molecules such as ascorbic acid-2-glucoside and niacinamide was confirmed as inhibition of cutaneous hypermelanosis. We anticipate that controlled drawing technique will be suitable to design dissolving microneedles for use in minimally invasive transcutaneous drug delivery to patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3134-3140
Number of pages7
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2011 Apr

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We acknowledge financial support from the Seoul Research and Business Development Program (10816, Innovation Cluster for Bio-Fusion Industry based on Nano Technology) and the Ministry of Education ( 2010-0020772 , the Happy tech. program through the National Research Foundation of Korea). We would like to thank Enprani for supplying experimental materials.

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