Effect of Thermal Conductivity of Substrate on the Giant Persistent Photoconductivity of Vanadium Dioxide Device

Gi Yong Lee, Bongjin Simon Mun, Honglyoul Ju

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The substrate effect on giant persistent photoconductivity (GPPC) of VO2 devices fabricated on the substrates of corning glass, Al2O3(0001), and TiO2(001) is investigated. Under the applied voltage within the hysteresis loop of voltage–current curve of the VO2 device, the GPPC is achieved by a short single pulse laser at laser intensity of 8.9 × 106 W m−2. The minimum laser pulse width (Wmin) to trigger GPPC in VO2 devices is found to be as small as 80 µs in the VO2 device fabricated on corning glass substrate. The magnitudes of Wmin for GPPC increase in the order of corning glass, TiO2, and Al2O3 substrates. The variation of the Wmin on each substrate is understood as the dissimilarity of thermal conductivity of each substrate. The minimum time required to induce GPPC (the incubation time) is estimated using 1D thermal transport model, which shows good qualitative agreement with experimental results.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2101327
JournalAdvanced Electronic Materials
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Jul

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G.Y.L. and H.L.J. would like to thank the Basic Science Research Program for support through the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) funded by the Korean government (MOE) (Grant Nos. NRF‐2020R1F1A1061298, NRF‐2018R1A6A3A01012528, NRF‐2019R1I1A1A01041427). B.S.M. would like to acknowledge the supports from the National Research Foundation of Korea (Grant Nos. NRF‐2015R1A5A1009962, NRF‐2019R1A2C2008052) and the GIST Research Institute Grant funded by the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) 2021. This research was also supported by Nano·Materials Technology Development Program through the NRF funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (Grant No. 2009‐0082580).

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