Effects of alkali-soluble resin on latex film morphology of poly(n-butyl methacrylate) studied by atomic force microscopy

Young Jun Park, Doug Youn Lee, Mei Ching Khew, Chee Cheong Ho, Jung Hyun Kim

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The effects of alkali-soluble resin containing carboxylated random copolymere on the film structure and individual particle morphology of poly(n-butyl methacrylate) latex film have been studied using atomic force microscopy. More instances of disruption to regular packing of the particles in the latex film,e.g., vacancies, cracking, and dislocations in the regular arrays and domains of random arrangement of particles, were observed in the poly(n-butyl methacrylate) latex film containing alkali-soluble resin than in its absence. In addition, indentations of the tops of the individual latex particles on the film surface were observed. The extent of this occurrence increased with the concentration of the alkali-soluble resin, the annealing temperature, and its duration. The results were interpreted in terms of the different degree of fussion of the poly(n-butyl methacrylate) particles and layer of alkali-soluble resin adsorbed on them during the film formation process.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5419-5424
Number of pages6
Issue number19
Publication statusPublished - 1998 Sep 15


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