Efficacy of switching from adefovir to tenofovir in chronic hepatitis B patients who exhibit suboptimal responses to adefovir-based combination rescue therapy due to resistance to nucleoside analogues (SATIS study)

Hye Won Lee, Jun Yong Park, Beom Kyung Kim, Moon Young Kim, Jung Il Lee, Young Suk Kim, Ki Tae Yoon, Kwang Hyub Han, Sang Hoon Ahn

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BACKGROUND/AIMS: It remains to be determined whether switching from adefovir (ADV) to tenofovir (TDF) provides better virological outcomes in patients exhibiting suboptimal responses to ADV plus nucleoside analogue (ADV+NA) therapy for NA-resistant chronic hepatitis B (CHB).

METHODS: In this prospective trial, patients who showed partial responses (defined as serum hepatitis B virus [HBV] DNA >60 IU/mL) to ADV+NA therapy for NA resistance were randomly allocated to receive TDF plus NA (TDF+NA group, n=16) or to continue their current therapy (ADV+NA group, n=16). The primary end point was the proportion of patients with complete virological response (CVR, defined as serum HBV DNA <60 IU/mL) at 48 weeks.

RESULTS: The median age was 52 years (16 men), and 28 were positive for hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg). The baseline characteristics did not differ significantly between the two groups. The proportion with CVR was significantly higher in the TDF+NA group than in the ADV+NA group at 24 weeks (81.3% vs. 25.0%, P=0.001) and 48 weeks (87.5% vs. 37.5%, P=0.002). Furthermore, a decrease in the serum HBV DNA level of >2log10 IU/mL was more likely in the TDF+NA group at both 24 and 48 weeks (68.8% vs. 56.3%, P=0.014 vs. 81.3% vs. 56.3%, P=0.001, respectively). During the follow-up, the rate of HBeAg seroconversion was higher in the TDF+NA group than the ADV+NA group (12.5% vs. 6.25%, P=0.640), as was that for the hepatitis B surface antigen (6.25% vs. 0%, P=0.080). No serious adverse events due to antiviral agents occurred.

CONCLUSION: In patients exhibiting suboptimal responses to ADV+NA therapy for NA-resistant CHB, switching from ADV to TDF might provide better virological outcomes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)443-449
Number of pages7
JournalClinical and Molecular Hepatology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Dec 1


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