Engineering MoSe2/MoS2 heterojunction traps in 2D transistors for multilevel memory, multiscale display, and synaptic functions

Yeonsu Jeong, Han Joo Lee, Junkyu Park, Sol Lee, Hye Jin Jin, Sam Park, Hyunmin Cho, Sungjae Hong, Taewook Kim, Kwanpyo Kim, Shinhyun Choi, Seongil Im

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We study a low voltage short pulse operating multilevel memory based on van der Waals heterostack (HS) n-MoSe2/n-MoS2 channel field-effect transistors (FETs). Our HS memory FET exploited the gate voltage (VGS)-induced trapping/de-trapping phenomena for Program/Erase functioning, which was maintained for long retention times owing to the existence of heterojunction energy barrier between MoS2 and MoSe2. More interestingly, trapped electron density was incrementally modulated by the magnitude or cycles of a pulsed VGS, enabling the HS device to achieve multilevel long-term memory. For a practical demonstration, five different levels of drain current were visualized with multiscale light emissions after our memory FET was integrated into an organic light-emitting diode pixel circuit. In addition, our device was applied to a synapse-imitating neuromorphic memory in an artificial neural network. We regard our unique HS channel FET to be an interesting and promising electron device undertaking multifunctional operations related to the upcoming fourth industrial revolution era.

Original languageEnglish
Article number23
Journalnpj 2D Materials and Applications
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Dec

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The authors acknowledge the financial support from the National Research Foundation of Korea (SRC program: grant no. 2017R1A5A1014862, vdWMRC. The authors in KAIST were funded from the NRF (grant no. 2019M3F3A1A02072336, 2019M3F3A1A01074452, and 2020M3F3A2A01085755). This work was supported by Yonsei Signature Research Cluster Program in the year 2021.

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