Evaluation of precipitation composition at an urban and a rural area for the Central Korean Peninsula

Man Goo Kim, Mi Hee Kang, Ki Jun Park, Bo Kyung Lee, Dong Soo Lee

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Precipitation samples were collected using wet-only samplers on a daily basis at Chunchon (rural area) and Seoul (urban area) from January to December in 1998. The pH, electrical conductivity, and the concentrations of major ions were analyzed. The volume-weighted annual average values of pH for both sites were identical. However, for volume weighted average pH of precipitations below 20 mm in Chunchon was significantly (p<0.05) lower than that in Seoul. The value of [NO3 -]/[nss-SO4 2-], calculated from average composition of rainfalls below 20mm, were 0.42 and 0.61 in Seoul and Chunchon, respectively. This supports that acidification of precipitation by nitrogen oxides, a part of which might be transported from the Seoul metropolitan area, caused the difference in pH between Chunchon and Seoul.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)439-444
Number of pages6
JournalWater, Air, and Soil Pollution
Issue number1-4 II
Publication statusPublished - 2001 Nov 10


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