Fimasartan for independent reduction of blood pressure variability in mild-to-moderate hypertension

Mi Seung Shin, Dae Ryong Kang, Changsoo Kim, Eun Joo Cho, Ki Chul Sung, Seok Min Kang, Dong Soo Kim, Seung Jae Joo, Seung Hwan Lee, Kyung Kuk Hwang, Jeong Bae Park

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Background: The angiotensin receptor antagonist fimasartan lowered blood pressure (BP) in a previous large population study. The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether fimasartan treatment for 3 months affects clinical and home BP variability in addition to reducing BP. Methods: The study enrolled 1,396 patients (mean age 56.2±10.0 years; males 53.6%) with mild-to-moderate hypertension who had a complete set of home BP measurements (morning and evening) and metabolic risk evaluation. During the 3 months of study, fimasartan alone was used to control BP at a daily dose of 30–120 mg. Clinical and home BP measurements were performed before and after the 3-month treatment. BP variability included beat-to-beat variability (clinical) and day-to-day variability (home). Results: Fimasartan reduced BP after 3 months of treatment. The average reduction of clinical systolic BP (c-SBP) was 15.08±18.36 mmHg (P,0.0001), and the average reduction of morning home SBP (m-SBP) was 11.49±19.33 mmHg (P,0.0001). Beat-to-beat variability as standard deviation (SD) of c-SBP was reduced from 4.56±3.22 to 4.24±3.11 mmHg (P=0.0026). Day-to-day variability as SD of m-SBP was reduced from 7.92±6.74 to 6.95±4.97 mmHg (P,0.0001). Multiple regression analysis revealed an independent association between the change in the SD of c-SBP and the change in c-SBP (P=0.0268) and, similarly, between the change in the SD of m-SBP and the change in m-SBP (P=0.0258), after adjusting for age, sex, body mass index, and change in mean BP. Conclusion: This study indicated that 3 months of fimasartan treatment reduced day-to-day BP variability independent of BP reduction in patients with hypertension.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1573-1580
Number of pages8
JournalDrug Design, Development and Therapy
Publication statusPublished - 2016 May 5

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