Gelatin MAGIC powder as nutrient-delivering 3D spacer for growing cell sheets into cost-effective cultured meat

Sohyeon Park, Sungwon Jung, Moonhyun Choi, Milae Lee, Bumgyu Choi, Won Gun Koh, Sangmin Lee, Jinkee Hong

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Cell cultured meat is artificial meat obtained by culturing animal-derived cells in vitro, and received significant attention as an emerging future protein source. The mass proliferation of cells in the cultured meat production is a strenuous process that delays the commercialization of cultured meat because it requires an expensive culture medium for a long period. Herein, we report on a strategy to develop advanced cultured meat using fish gelatin mass growth-inducing culture (MAGIC) powder and myoblast sheets. The MAGIC powder had an edible gelatin microsphere (GMS) structure and exhibited different morphologies and bonding activities depending on the degree of crosslinking. We analyzed the loading and release of nutrients for each GMS with diverse surface properties, and selected the most effective GMSs to improve the proliferation of myoblasts under serum-reduced medium. The GMSs exerted four significant functions in the culture of myoblast sheets, and consequently produced cost- and time-effective meat-like cell sheets than the conventional method. We prepared cultured meats composed of cell sheet containing GMSs and evaluated the quality of the cultured meat by comparing the tissue properties with soy meat and chicken breast.

Original languageEnglish
Article number121155
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Nov

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The importance of eco-friendly future foods has been emphasized as voices of the environmental pollution and food crisis due to global warming and an unexpected viral epidemic such as the COVID-19 pandemic [ 1 , 2 ]. Cultured meat, known as in-vitro meat or lab-grown meat, is artificial meat produced by the mass culture of stem cells or animal cells without slaughtering livestock. Public interest in alternative foods, including cultured meat, is increasing because the global protein supply cannot match the population growth [ 3 ]. Several global food companies are spurring investments in cultured meat research, and governments are also heeding the call for financial support.

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