Guanine-Based G-Quadruplexes Templated by Various Cations toward Potential Use as Single-Ion Conductors

So Huei Kang, Kyung Min Lee, Seok Kyu Cho, Ji Eun Lee, Donghoo Won, Sang Young Lee, Sang Kyu Kwak, Changduk Yang

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Inspired by the atomic-sized, shape-regulated features of G-quadruplexes comprising guanine motifs with a monovalent metal cation, the G-quadruplex-forming ability, and properties of a guanine-based π-conjugated Y2 molecule containing bithiophene and peripheral dodecyl chain units in the presence of various cation salts (Li+, Na+, K+, and Mg2+) were exploited. A series of structural characterization revealed that Y2 yielded desirable G-quadruplexes with all the tested cations as a consequence of the combination of a hydrogen-bonded cyclic G-quartet, π-stacking, and cation-dipole interactions. The radius and nature of the coordinating cations crucially affected the structural characteristics of G-quadruplexes, leading to variations in the ion migration ability inside the cavity of the G-quadruplex (Li+>Na+>K+>Mg2+), as characterized through theoretical and experimental investigations. These results not only improve the understanding of G-quadruplex self-assemblies based on guanine but also provide an impetus for their diverse potential applications, especially in the field of Li batteries.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere202102201
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Feb 18

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2D‐GIXD and synchrotron WAXD experiments were performed at PLS‐II 3C SAXS I, 9A U‐SAXS, and 6D UNIST‐PAL beamlines of Pohang Accelerator Laboratory in Korea. Funding: This work was supported by Samsung Research Funding Center of Samsung Electronics under Project Number SRFC‐MA1702‐04.

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