Highly efficient visible light-induced O2 generation by self-Assembled nanohybrids of inorganic nanosheets and polyoxometalate nanoclusters

Jayavant L. Gunjakar, Tae Woo Kim, In Young Kim, Jang Mee Lee, Seong Ju Hwang

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Unusually high photocatalytic activity of visible light-induced O2 generation can be achieved by electrostatically-derived self-Assembly between exfoliated Zn-Cr-LDH 2D nanosheets and POM 0D nanoclusters (W7O24 62 and V10O28 62) acting as an electron acceptor. This self-Assembly can provide a high flexibility in the control of the chemical composition and pore structure of the resulting LDH-based nanohybrids. The hybridization with POM nanoclusters remarkably enhances the photocatalytic activity of the pristine Zn-Cr-LDH, which is attributable to the formation of porous structure and depression of charge recombination. Of prime interest is that the excellent photocatalytic activity of the as-prepared Zn-Cr-LDH-POM nanohybrid for visible light-induced O2 generation can be further enhanced by calcination at 200 6C, leading to the very high apparent quantum yield of ,75.2% at 420 nm. The present findings clearly demonstrate that the self-Assembly of LDH-POM is fairly powerful in synthesizing novel LDH-based porous nanohybrid photocatalyst for visible light-induced O2 generation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2080
JournalScientific reports
Publication statusPublished - 2013 Jun 26

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Funding Information:
This research is supported by the Core Technology of Materials Research and Development Program of the Korea Ministry of Intelligence and Economy (grant No. 10041232), by Korea Ministry of Environment as "Converging Technology Project" (191-101-001), and by National Research Foundation of Korea Grant funded by the Korean Government (2010-0001485). The experiments at PAL were supported in part by MOST and POSTECH.

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