Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Determination of Tellurium Species in Environmental Samples with in Situ Concentration in a Graphite Furnace

Byung Mok Yoon, Sang Chul Shim, Hyung Chik Pyun, Dong Soo Lee

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An ultrasensitive method is described for the measurement of picogram amounts of tellurium species in environmental samples. The method involves selective Te(IV) reduction by sodium borohydride to hydrogen telluride, trapping in situ in a modified graphite furnace, and subsequent atomic absorption detection. The total amount of Te is determined after Te(VI) reduction to Te(IV) by boiling in hydrochloric acid. The difference between the amounts of Te(IV) and total-Te is taken as the amount of Te(VI). The absolute detection limit ranges from 2 to 4 pg of tellurium. The precision of the method is 5.1% for 20 pg and 2.5% for 200 pg of tellurium. Analytical results are presented for natural waters, aerosol particles, geological and biological materials.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)561-566
Number of pages6
JournalAnalytical Sciences
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1990 Jan 1


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  • Analytical Chemistry

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