Increased nephron volume is not a cause of supranormal renographic differential renal function in patients with ureteropelvic junction obstruction

Won Sik Ham, Hyeon Joo Jeong, Sangwon Han, Jang Hwan Kim, Dong Kee Kim

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Purpose: Increasing clinical importance is being placed on the role of differential renal function (DRF) in the management of congenital ureteropelvic junction obstruction. Supranormal DRF of the hydronephrotic kidney on renal scan is a puzzling phenomenon and is hypothesized to be due to an increase in single nephron filtration or nephron volume without sound evidence. We studied the histopathological changes of hydronephrotic kidneys to determine whether glomerular hypertrophy underlies supranormal DRF. Materials and Methods: We retrospectively evaluated the records of 3 females and 32 males with unilateral congenital hydronephrosis who underwent pyeloplasty. Mean patient age at operation was 12.6 months (range 0.1 to 144). Needle biopsies from 3 different sites at the lower pole of the kidney were performed during surgery. To evaluate the presence of glomerular hypertrophy, the maximal planar area of glomeruli was measured under light microscopy using an image analyzer. Tissue samples obtained from kidneys without a history of urinary tract disease at autopsy were used as controls. The mean glomerular areas of the patient and control groups were evaluated according to DRF and age. Results: The mean glomerular area values of the patient group were smaller than those of the control group, except for 4 patients. The glomerular areas of the hydronephrotic kidneys with supranormal DRF were not significantly different from those of the control group. Instead, the probability of larger renal glomeruli increased with decreasing DRF (p = 0.1155). Conclusions: Increased nephron volume can be discounted as a cause of supranormal DRF.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1108-1110
Number of pages3
JournalJournal of Urology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2004 Jan 1


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