Inhibition of microRNA-449a prevents IL-1β-induced cartilage destruction via SIRT1

K. W. Park, K. M. Lee, D. S. Yoon, K. H. Park, W. J. Choi, J. W. Lee, S. H. Kim

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Objective SIRT1 has anti-inflammatory as well as protective effects in chondrocytes. The object of this study was to investigate whether microRNA-449a regulates expression of SIRT1, which inhibits expression of catabolic genes in IL-1β-induced cartilage destruction. Materials and methods MicroRNA-449a expression was determined in OA chondrocytes and IL-1β-induced chondrocytes by real-time PCR. MicroRNA-449a binding sites on the 3′-UTR of SIRT1 mRNA and binding site conservation were examined using microRNA target prediction tools. SIRT1-overexpressing or knockdown chondrocytes were transfected with microRNA-449a or anti-microRNA-449a mimic and stimulated by IL-1β. Expression of catabolic and anabolic genes was examined by real-time PCR and western blotting. Finally, positive effects of anti-microRNA-449a on expression of these genes were confirmed by western analysis of OA chondrocytes. Results Expression of microRNA-449a was increased in OA chondrocytes and IL-1β-induced chondrocytes. MMP-13 expression was enhanced, whereas type II collagen and SIRT1 expression were decreased in IL-1β-induced chondrocytes. SIRT1 overexpression resulted in decreased expression of catabolic genes such as MMPs and ADAMTSs in response to IL-1β, but these effects were moderated by microRNA-449a. Suppression of microRNA-449a by anti-microRNA-449a inhibited expression of catabolic genes despite IL-1β stimulation, but these effects were abolished in SIRT1 knockdown chondrocytes. Furthermore, expression of catabolic genes was decreased and expression of type II collagen as well as SIRT1 was restored by anti-microRNA-449a in OA chondrocytes as well as in IL-1β-induced chondrocytes. Conclusion Silencing of microRNA-449a had a protective effect, inhibiting catabolic gene expression and restoring anabolic gene expression, by targeting SIRT1 in IL-1β-induced cartilage destruction.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2153-2161
Number of pages9
JournalOsteoarthritis and Cartilage
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Dec 1

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The study was supported by grants from Ministry of Science of Republic of Korea (No. NRF-2014R1A1A1007983 ). The funding source had no role in the design of this study and did not have any role in its execution, analyses, interpretation of the data, or decision to submit results.

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