Iterative joint detection, ICI cancelation and estimation of multiple CFOs and channels for DVB-T2 in MISO transmission mode

Eun Sung Jeon, Jeongwook Seo, Janghoon Yang, Dong Kim

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When DVB-T2 uses the option of (distributed) multiple-input single-output transmission mode, a pair of Alamouti-encoded orthogonal frequency division multiplex signals is transmitted simultaneously from two spatially separated transmitters in a single frequency network. Since both transmitters have their own local oscillators, two distinct carrier frequency offsets (CFOs), one for each transmitter-receiver link, occur in the received signal due to the frequency mismatch between the local oscillators. Unfortunately, the multiple CFOs cannot be compensated simultaneously by merely adjusting the carrier frequency at the receiver side, so intercarrier interference (ICI) always exists. In this paper, we present an iterative receiver design to combat multiple CFOs for DVB-T2 application. To estimate both multiple CFOs and channels jointly without sacrificing the spectral efficiency, the joint maximum likelihood (ML) estimation based on the soft information from the channel decoder is used. The proposed receiver performs the iterative joint processing of the data detection, ICI cancelation, and joint ML estimation of the multiple CFOs and channels by exchanging the soft information. We also show that the complexity of the joint ML estimation can be reduced significantly by transforming a huge matrix pseudo-inversion into two sub-matrix pseudo-inversions. The performances are evaluated via a full DVB-T2 simulator. The numerical results show that the mean-squared error performance of the joint ML estimation is closely matched with the Cramér-Rao bound. Furthermore, the resulting bit error rate performance is enhanced in a progressive manner and is able to approach the ideal CFOs-free performance within a few iterations.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6687230
Pages (from-to)29-37
Number of pages9
JournalIEEE Transactions on Broadcasting
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Mar

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  • Media Technology
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering


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