Late-term healing in an augmented sinus with different ratios of biphasic calcium phosphate: A pilot study using a rabbit sinus model

Hyun Chang Lim, Ji Youn Hong, Jung Seok Lee, Ui Won Jung, Seong Ho Choi

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Purpose: The aim of this pilot study was to determine the osteoconductivity and dimensional stability of augmented sinuses using different ratios of biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) in a rabbit sinus model. Methods: Each sinus of New Zealand white rabbits (2.5-3.5 kg) was assigned to one of two groups: BCP with a hydroxyapatite to β-tricalcium phosphate (HA:β-TCP) ratio of 70:30 (group TCP30) and BCP with an HA:β-TCP ratio of 30:70 (group TCP70). After preparing a window in the antral wall of a sinus, the Schneiderian membrane was elevated, and the applicable material was grafted. A fluorochrome calcein green was injected five days before euthanizing the animals at four months post-surgery. The specimens were analyzed histologically, histomorphometrically, and by using micro-computed tomography (micro-CT). Results: Micro-CT analysis revealed that the total augmented volume and the new bone volume did not differ significantly between the two groups whereas the resorption of materials was greater in the TCP70 group. The trabecular thickness, number, and separation also did not differ significantly between the two groups. Histomorphometrically, the areas of total augmentation, new bone, and residual material, as well as the ratio of new-bonematerial contact did not differ significantly between the groups. Histologically, the residual particles were more scattered in the TCP70 group than in the TCP30 group. The fluorescence of the calcein green did not differ notably between the two groups. Conclusions: The osteoconductivity and dimensional stability of the two BCPs with different ratios tested in this study were comparable after four months of healing. Therefore, we conclude that both BCPs show promise as a bone substitute for sinus augmentation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)57-69
Number of pages13
JournalJournal of Periodontal and Implant Science
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Jan 1


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