Making Critically Conscious Disciples: A Zambian Pentecostal Pneumato-Discipleship Missiology

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This article calls for rethinking of discipleship within missio Spiritus for political formation necessary for the viable functioning of Zambian Pentecostalism in the neo-colonial context. It argues that the theme for the 2018 World Mission Conference in Arusha, Tanzania, “Moving in the Spirit: Called to Transforming Discipleship,” calls for pneumato-discipleship in promoting human dignity. Through an empirical missiological approach, the article analyzes interviews conducted with various believers in various Pentecostal communities to demonstrate the emerging missio Spiritus praxis among Zambian Pentecostals, which seeks to promote a missional ethics of resistance to neo-colonial political culture. Pneumato-discipleship, as pedagogy for critically conscious disciples, is geared toward realization of human dignity. It is the instrument of hope in the search for dignity and struggle against pervasive inhumanities.

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JournalInternational Review of Mission
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I engage this question through an empirical missiological approach. Scholars argue that missiology is empirical by nature because it investigates God’s ongoing missional work in the world in particular socio-cultural contexts. Scholars such as Jan Jongeneel2 and Tobias Faix3 affirm empirical missiology as a methodological approach and foundation for missiology. This approach allows the choice to study a specific religious phenomenon rather than a congregation/s. In 2016, I received a research grant from John Templeton Foundation, through the Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity, under the theme “Christianity and Social Change in Contemporary Africa,” to conduct research on Zambian Pentecostalism and politics. I conducted survey, face-to-face, and roundtable interviews with about 300 Pentecostal pastors, politicians, students, lecturers, leaders, and laypeople with the

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