Measurement of K+K- production in two-photon collisions in the resonant-mass region

K. Abe, K. Abe, T. Abe, I. Adachi, H. Aihara, M. Akatsu, Y. Asano, T. Aso, V. Aulchenko, T. Aushev, A. M. Bakich, A. Bay, I. Bedny, I. Bizjak, A. Bozek, M. Bracko, Y. Chao, B. G. Cheon, R. Chistov, S. K. ChoiY. Choi, A. Chuvikov, L. Y. Dong, S. Eidelman, V. Eiges, C. Fukunaga, N. Gabyshev, A. Garmash, T. Gershon, G. Gokhroo, B. Golob, T. Hara, H. Hayashii, M. Hazumi, T. Higuchi, T. Hokuue, Y. Hoshi, W. S. Hou, H. C. Huang, T. Iijima, K. Inami, A. Ishikawa, R. Itoh, M. Iwasaki, Y. Iwasaki, J. H. Kang, N. Katayama, H. Kawai, T. Kawasaki, H. Kichimi, H. J. Kim, J. H. Kim, S. K. Kim, S. Korpar, P. Križan, P. Krokovny, A. Kuzmin, Y. J. Kwon, S. H. Lee, T. Lesiak, J. Li, A. Limosani, S. W. Lin, J. MacNaughton, G. Majumder, F. Mandl, T. Matsumoto, W. Mitaroff, H. Miyake, H. Miyata, T. Mori, T. Nagamine, Y. Nagasaka, E. Nakano, M. Nakao, H. Nakazawa, Z. Natkaniec, S. Nishida, O. Nitoh, S. Ogawa, T. Ohshima, T. Okabe, S. Okuno, S. L. Olsen, W. Ostrowicz, H. Ozaki, P. Pakhlov, H. Palka, H. Park, N. Parslow, L. E. Piilonen, H. Sagawa, S. Saitoh, Y. Sakai, O. Schneider, S. Semenov, M. E. Sevior, H. Shibuya, B. Shwartz, V. Sidorov, J. B. Singh, N. Soni, S. Stanič, M. Staric, A. Sugi, K. Sumisawa, T. Sumiyoshi, S. Y. Suzuki, F. Takasaki, K. Tamai, N. Tamura, M. Tanaka, Y. Teramoto, T. Tomura, T. Tsuboyama, S. Uehara, S. Uno, G. Varner, C. C. Wang, C. H. Wang, Y. Watanabe, Y. Yamada, A. Yamaguchi, Y. Yamashita, M. Yamauchi, H. Yanai, J. Ying, Y. Yuan, Y. Yusa, C. C. Zhang, Z. P. Zhang, V. Zhilich, D. Žontar

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K+K- production in two-photon collisions has been studied using a large data sample of 67 fb-1 accumulated with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric e+e- collider. We have measured the cross section for the process γγ → K +K- for center-of-mass energies between 1.4 and 2.4 GeV, and found three new resonant structures in the energy region between 1.6 and 2. 4 GeV. The angular differential cross sections have also been measured.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)323-336
Number of pages14
JournalEuropean Physical Journal C
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2004 Jan

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The German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) supported the research for this article (03FH025IX5).

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  • Engineering (miscellaneous)
  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)


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