Measurements of branching fractions and direct CP asymmetries for B→Kπ, B→ππ and B→KK decays

Y. T. Duh, T. Y. Wu, P. Chang, G. B. Mohanty, Y. Unno, I. Adachi, H. Aihara, D. M. Asner, V. Aulchenko, T. Aushev, T. Aziz, A. M. Bakich, B. Bhuyan, M. Bischofberger, A. Bondar, G. Bonvicini, A. Bozek, M. Bračko, T. E. Browder, Y. ChaoV. Chekelian, A. Chen, P. Chen, B. G. Cheon, R. Chistov, I. S. Cho, K. Cho, V. Chobanova, Y. Choi, Z. Doležal, A. Drutskoy, D. Dutta, S. Eidelman, H. Farhat, J. E. Fast, A. Frey, V. Gaur, R. Gillard, Y. M. Goh, B. Golob, J. Haba, K. Hayasaka, H. Hayashii, Y. Horii, Y. Hoshi, W. S. Hou, Y. B. Hsiung, H. J. Hyun, T. Iijima, A. Ishikawa, T. Julius, J. H. Kang, P. Kapusta, T. Kawasaki, H. J. Kim, H. O. Kim, J. H. Kim, M. J. Kim, Y. J. Kim, K. Kinoshita, B. R. Ko, P. Kodyš, S. Korpar, P. Križan, P. Krokovny, T. Kuhr, R. Kumar, T. Kumita, A. Kuzmin, Y. J. Kwon, S. H. Lee, Y. Li, J. Libby, C. Liu, Y. Liu, K. Miyabayashi, H. Miyata, R. Mizuk, T. Mori, N. Muramatsu, E. Nakano, M. Nakao, C. Ng, S. Nishida, K. Nishimura, O. Nitoh, S. Ogawa, T. Ohshima, S. Okuno, S. L. Olsen, G. Pakhlova, H. Park, H. K. Park, T. K. Pedlar, R. Pestotnik, M. Petrič, L. E. Piilonen, M. Prim, M. Ritter, M. Röhrken, S. Ryu, H. Sahoo, Y. Sakai, S. Sandilya, D. Santel, Y. Sato, O. Schneider, C. Schwanda, K. Senyo, M. E. Sevior, M. Shapkin, V. Shebalin, C. P. Shen, T. A. Shibata, J. G. Shiu, B. Shwartz, A. Sibidanov, F. Simon, P. Smerkol, Y. S. Sohn, A. Sokolov, E. Solovieva, M. Starič, M. Sumihama, T. Sumiyoshi, G. Tatishvili, Y. Teramoto, K. Trabelsi, M. Uchida, S. Uehara, S. Uno, P. Vanhoefer, G. Varner, A. Vinokurova, C. H. Wang, M. Z. Wang, M. Watanabe, K. M. Williams, E. Won, B. D. Yabsley, Y. Yamashita, Z. P. Zhang, V. Zhilich, V. Zhulanov, A. Zupanc

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We report measurements of the branching fractions and direct CP asymmetries (ACP) for B→Kπ, ππ and KK decays (but not π0π0) based on the final data sample of 772×106 BB̄ pairs collected at the Υ(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e+e- collider. We set a 90% confidence-level upper limit for K+K- at 2.0×10-7; all other decays are observed with branching fractions ranging from 10-6 to 10 -5. In the B0/B̄0→K±π â̂ mode, we confirm Belle's previously reported large ACP with a value of -0.069±0.014±0.007 and a significance of 4.4σ. For all other flavor-specific modes, we find A CP values consistent with zero, including ACP(K +π0)=+0.043±0.024±0.007 with 1.8σ significance. The difference of CP asymmetry between B±→ K±π0 and B0/B̄0→K ±πâ̂ is found to be ΔA ≡ACP(K+π0)-ACP(K +π-)=+0.112±0.027±0.007 with 4.0σ significance. We also calculate the ratios of partial widths for the B→Kπ decays. Using our results, we test the validity of the sum rule ACP(K+π-)+ACP(K0π+) Γ(K0π+)Γ(K+π-)-A CP(K+π0)2Γ(K+π0)Γ(K +π-)-ACP(K0π0)2Γ(K0π0) Γ(K+π-)=0 and obtain a sum of -0.270±0.132±0.060 with 1.9σ significance.

Original languageEnglish
Article number031103
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2013 Feb 21

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)

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    Duh, Y. T., Wu, T. Y., Chang, P., Mohanty, G. B., Unno, Y., Adachi, I., Aihara, H., Asner, D. M., Aulchenko, V., Aushev, T., Aziz, T., Bakich, A. M., Bhuyan, B., Bischofberger, M., Bondar, A., Bonvicini, G., Bozek, A., Bračko, M., Browder, T. E., ... Zupanc, A. (2013). Measurements of branching fractions and direct CP asymmetries for B→Kπ, B→ππ and B→KK decays. Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 87(3), [031103].