Metabolic alterations of DHEA and cholesterol sulphates in the hair of patients with acne measured by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Sung Hee Cho, Man Ho Choi, Woo Y. Sim, Won Yong Lee, Bong Chul Chung

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As the hormonal levels in scalp hair reflects the condition of skin appendage, the level of dehydroepiandrosterone-3-sulphate (DHEAS) and cholesterol sulphate (CS) was evaluated in scalp hair obtained from patients with acne. The hair samples were extracted by alkaline solution and were analysed by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry coupled to column switching system. The levels of DHEAS in scalp hair of women with acne were higher (. P < 0.001) than controls, while the levels of CS in scalp hair of women and men with acne were higher (. P < 0.001) than both control subjects. Increased hair levels of both DHEAS and CS could indicate acne development because of its direct action or stimulatory effect on local enzyme activity. It may be also helpful to understand the pathogenesis of acne based on follicular retention hyperkeratosis and increased sebum production of both steroid sulphates.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)694-696
Number of pages3
JournalExperimental dermatology
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2010 Jul 1


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