One-step UV-curable ligand copolymer coatings as non-migratory antioxidant packaging

Kambiz Sadeghi, Seung Hyun Lee, Chan Moon Chung, Jongchul Seo

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Polymeric surface photografting is a desirable method to modify the interfacial interactions of inert materials and enable one-step surface functionalization e.g. antimicrobial, antifouling, bioprinting, and so on. Herein, a novel UV-curable lysine derivate ligand copolymer coating was synthesized using surfactant-free emulsion polymerization for use as a non-migratory antioxidant packaging coating. NMR was used to estimate the ratio of butyl acrylate (47 mol%) and benzophenone moiety (19 mol%) in the copolymer that would be optimal for UV-curable coating on the polypropylene (PP) film surface. The copolymer, containing 34 mol% of functional monomer, was photochemically grafted onto the PP film surface (365 nm, 90 s), and a large amount of COOH functional groups was detected on the PP film surface (302 ± 19 nM). The chemical and microstructural evaluations of the film confirmed the ligand compositions and grafting morphology of the ligand film (rough surface). The ligand film adequately chelated Fe+3 (215 ± 26 nM,) in an aqueous solution with pH of 5; this chelation imparted antioxidant properties to the ligand film. Furthermore, the ligand film was stored with virgin olive oil and vitamin C (pH = 7) inoculated with Fe+3, which significantly (p < 0.05) retarded the lag time of oxidation and degradation of the product, respectively. The EU migration test proved that this system did not leave any migrant residue, enabling the clean labeling of the system. This work bridged the research gap in non-migratory antioxidant packaging by developing a curable biomimetic ligand copolymer using a practical industrial scalable method that can be applied for packaging, cosmetics, and biomedical purposes.

Original languageEnglish
Article number106556
JournalProgress in Organic Coatings
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Jan

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This study was supported by a National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) grant funded by the Korean government (MSIP) [grant number 2020R1A2B5B01001797 ].

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