Optimal dosage of ultrasound contrast agent for ultrasound surgery: Thermal effect of linear plane wave

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The optimal dosage of ultrasound contrast agent model for ultrasound surgery was explored. A specific ultrasound contrast agent Albunex® was chosen for simulation. The model was developed based on a dilute bubbly liquid model proposed by Ye and Ding [Z. Ye, L. Ding, Acoustic dispersion and attenuation relations in bubbly mixture, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 98 (3) (1995) 1629-1636]. The numerical simulation suggests that 2 MHz is more efficient than 1 MHz to thermally treat cancer in deep tissue with the optimal dosage of 3 ml. On the other hand, the simulation also suggests 3 MHz center frequency with the optimal dosage of 1.6 ml is adequate for prostate cancer treatment with transrectal equipment. The simulation is expected to valid up to 2 MPa incident pressure due to the limitation of the linearized UCA model. Even though it is developed from a single ultrasound contrast agent, this model is expected to be useful for any ultrasound contrast agent as long as the necessary parameters are provided.

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