Polymorphisms in immune-mediator genes and the risk of dengue virus infection: Lights from a systematic revaluation by Bayesian approaches

Alessandro Luiz Araújo Bentes Leal, Fyama Araújo da Silva, Jae Il Shin, Gwang Hun Jeong, Gustavo Portela Ferreira, Daniel Fernando Pereira Vasconcelos, José Rogério Souza Monteiro, Aline Andrade de Sousa, Felipe Rodolfo Pereira da Silva, Anna Carolina Toledo da Cunha Pereira

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Dengue fever is a clinical manifestation of dengue virus (DENV) infection well defined by the intense host immune response with the development of high fever, anorexia, headache and muscle pain. Several immune mediators are involved in the pathophysiology of DENV infection, in which polymorphisms in immune molecule genes contribute with the susceptibility and severity of the infection. Several meta-analyses are available with significant findings in the association between genetic variants in immune-mediator genes and dengue, though the results may be false positive. Hence, to solve this issue, we have performed a systematic revaluation with Bayesian approaches to verify the false positive rate in these results. A systematic search was performed for meta-analytic studies on the aforementioned issue. The calculations of false positive report probability (FPRP) and the Bayesian false-discovery probability (BFDP) at the prior probability of 10-3 and 10-6 have been performed. To verify the methodological quality of the studies included, the evaluation by the Venice criteria was applied. In addition, gene-gene and protein-protein networks were designed. As results, seven meta-analyses on genetic variants in several immune-inflammatory mediator genes and DENV infection comprise the results. Only the polymorphisms in the TNF, MICB, PLCE1, VDR, CD32 and HLA-A genes were considered as noteworthy. There was a heterogeneity profile for the results on Venice criteria indicating variability in the methodological quality. The gene-gene and protein-protein networks showed these immune mediators as relevant players in the disease. We suggest these polymorphisms as potential biomarkers for the pathogenesis and immune response against DENV.

Original languageEnglish
Article number155955
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Sept

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We thank the Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento do Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES) for the financial support in this study. We also thank teacher Abilio Borghi for the assistance with the English language review.

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