Rasch validation of the Chinese parent–child interaction scale (CPCIS)

Patrick Ip, Winnie Tso, Nirmala Rao, Frederick Ka Wing Ho, Ko Ling Chan, King Wa Fu, Sophia Ling Li, Winnie Goh, Wilfred Hing sang Wong, Chun Bong Chow

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Background: Proper parent–child interaction is crucial for child development, but an assessment tool in Chinese is currently lacking. This study aimed to develop and validate a parent-reported parent–child interaction scale for Chinese preschool children. Methods: The Chinese parent–child interaction scale (CPCIS) was designed by an expert panel based on the literature and clinical observations in the Chinese context. The initial CPCIS had 14 parent–child interactive activity items. Psychometric properties of the CPCIS were examined using the Rasch model and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). Convergent validity was investigated by the associations between CPCIS and family income, maternal education level, and children’s school readiness. Results: The study recruited 567 Chinese parent–child pairs from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, who completed the CPCIS. Six out of the 14 items in the initial CPCIS were dropped due to suboptimal fit values. The refined 8-item CPCIS was shown to be valid and reliable by Rasch models and CFA. The person separation reliability and Cronbach’s α of the CPCIS were 0.81 and 0.82, respectively. The CPCIS scores were positively associated with family’s socioeconomic status (η2 = 0.05, P < 0.001), maternal education level (η2 = 0.08, P < 0.001), and children’s school readiness (η2 = 0.01, P < 0.01). Conclusion: CPCIS is an easily administered, valid, and reliable tool for the assessment of parent–child interactions in Chinese families.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)238-246
Number of pages9
JournalWorld Journal of Pediatrics
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Jun 1

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Funding The study was fully supported by a grant from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project No. 743413 and 746111). The funding body has no responsibilities in study design, the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, the writing of the report, and the decision to submit the manuscript.

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