Report on data-intensive software management and mining

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The DSMM workshop was held along with CIKM with the aim of drawing the attention of database researchers to emerging challenges in large-scale software repositories. Some of the key topics discussed at the workshop included software indexing and search techniques, software pattern mining and management techniques, management and mining of large-scale multi-version source code corpora, and case studies of management and mining of large-scale software. The workshop consisted of three sessions, presented by one invited speaker and six paper presenters. The first presentation, entitled 'Tree-pattern-based duplicate code detection', discussed the problem of automatically and accurately finding code clones in program files. The second presentation discussed repositories of bugs and their fixes. The third presentation, entitled 'A case study on Model Driven Data Integration (MDDI) for Data Centric Software Development', described MDDI and presented challenges related to it using actual historical data collected from universities.

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