Residual Tumor Patterns of Breast Cancer on MRI after Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy: Impact on Clinicopathologic Factors and Prognosis

Yoon Jin Cha, Na Lae Eun, Dooreh Kim, Soong June Bae, Sung Gwe Ahn, Joon Jeong, Woo Chan Park, Yangkyu Lee, Chang Ik Yoon

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(1) Background: Residual breast cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) could have a variable image pattern on a follow-up breast magnetic resonance image (MRI). In this study, we compared the clinical outcome of breast cancer patients with different residual tumor patterns (RTP) on a breast MRI after NAC. (2) Methods: A total of 91 patients with breast cancer who received NAC and subsequent curative surgery were selected. All included patient had residual breast cancer after NAC and showed a partial response on a breast MRI. Pre- and post-treatment were reviewed by an experienced radiologist to evaluate different RTP, and classified into two groups: concentric and scattered patterns. The clinicopathologic parameters and survival outcomes [recurrence-free survival (RFS) and distant metastasis-free survival (DMFS)] were analyzed according to different RTP. (3) Results: Patients with a scattered pattern had a larger extent of pre-treated non-mass enhancement and more frequently received total mastectomy. With a median follow-up period of 37 months, RTP were not significantly associated with RFS or DMFS. (4) Conclusions: In the patients with residual breast cancer after NAC, RTP on an MRI had no effect on the patients’ clinical outcome. The curative resection of the tumor bed and securing the negative resection margins appear to be important in the treatment of patients with residual breast cancer after NAC.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2294
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Oct

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This research was supported by a National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) grant funded by the Korean government [grant number: NRF-2021R1G1A109359612] to Yoon Jin Cha. This study was supported by a faculty research grant from the Yonsei University College of Medicine [grant number: 6-2021-0159, 6-2022-0123] to Yoon Jin Cha.

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