Satisfaction in the national cancer screening program for breast cancer with and without clinical breast examination

Mi Ah Han, Jae Kwan Jun, K. S. Choi, Eun Cheol Park, Hoo Yeon Lee

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether screening by clinical breast examination (CBE) in addition to mammography affected participant satisfaction in the National Cancer Screening Program (NCSP). Data were derived from the Quality Evaluation of National Cancer Screening satisfaction survey. This population-based nationwide telephone survey included participants who had been screened by the NCSP for breast cancer between June and August 2010 (n=2,370), and collected information on satisfaction with screening and screening service use. Five multiple regression models were used to determine satisfaction according to screening method, and according to each of five satisfaction measures (pre-screening information transfer, staff interpersonal skills, physical surroundings, reporting of results and general satisfaction). A total of 1,858 (78.4%) participants were screened by mammography alone and 512 (21.6%) by both mammography and CBE. Satisfaction was significantly higher in subjects screened by both mammography and CBE compared with those screened by mammography alone.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)63-67
Number of pages5
JournalAsian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2012


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