Synthesis of fibrous titanium silicalite (FTS-1) zeolite

K. T. Jung, J. H. Hyun, Y. G. Shul, D. S. Kim

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Fibrous titanium silicalite (FTS-1) zeolite has been prepared from titanium silicalite (TS-1) particles that were less than 120 nm in diameter. The formation of FTS-1 was mainly affected by the particle size of the TS-1 zeolite. FTS-1 is formed by both capillary force and dehydroxylation among the TS-1 particles during the drying and evaporation process of the dispersed TS-1 particles in aqueous solution. The average length and the aspect ratio (length/diameter) of FTS-1 are 2.2 and mm 50-70, respectively. The obtained FTS-1 shows a two-dimensionally aligned surface that is affected by the treatment of dispersed TS-1 particles in aqueous solution. 29Si MAS n.m.r. spectra showed that the concentration of the hydroxyl group on the surface of TS-1 particles was decreased after the formation of FTS-1 and was reduced continuously up to 750°C with calcination. This suggests that the condensation reaction of hydroxyl groups on the surface of TS-1 particles occurs by drying and heat treatment. After calcination at 750°C, FTS-1 still exhibited characteristics of MFI-type structure with orthorhombic symmetry. It showed distinctive secondary pores due to the aggregation of TS-1 particles. This method of FTS-1 formation may suggest a new method for the preparation of various types of zeolites.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)161-168
Number of pages8
Issue number2-3
Publication statusPublished - 1997

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We are grateful to Dr. W.G. Scherer (DuPont Co.) for his helpful discussions, to Dr. S. Nakata (Chiyoda Co.) for measuring the *%i izllAS n.m.r., and to Dr. J.G. Kim (Soonchunhyang University) for measuring the TEM. This study was carried out by financial support from Daelim Engineering Co.

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