The effect of a multidisciplinary lifestyle intervention on obesity status, body composition, physical fitness, and cardiometabolic risk markers in children and adolescents with obesity

Young Gyun Seo, Hyunjung Lim, Yoonmyung Kim, Young Su Ju, Hye Ja Lee, Han Byul Jang, Sang Ick Park, Kyung Hee Park

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This study aimed to develop a multidisciplinary lifestyle intervention program targeted at children and adolescents with moderate to severe obesity, and assess the additional effects of exercise intervention when compared to usual care. Overall, the 103 enrolled participants were ≥85th percentile of age and sex-specific body mass index (BMI). Participants were divided into groups that received 16 weeks of either usual care or exercise intervention. The BMI z-score of the overall completers decreased by about 0.05 after the 16-week intervention (p = 0.02). After the intervention, only the exercise group had a significantly lower BMI z-score than the baseline score by about 0.1 (p = 0.03), but no significant group by time interaction effects were observed. At the 16-week follow-up, significant group by time interaction effects were observed in percentage body fat (%BF) (β = −1.52, 95%CI = −2.58–−0.45), lean body mass (LM) (β = 1.20, 95%CI = 0.12–2.29), diastolic blood pressure (β = −5.24, 95%CI = −9.66–−0.83), high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (β = −1.67, 95%CI = −2.77–−1.01), and wall sit test score (β = 50.74, 95%CI = 32.30–69.18). We developed a moderate-intensity intervention program that can be sustained in the real-world setting and is practically applicable to both moderate and severe obesity. After interventions, the exercise group had lower %BF and cardiometabolic risk markers, and higher LM and leg muscle strength compared to the usual care group.

Original languageEnglish
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Jan


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