The galaxy evolution explorer

Christopher Martin, Tom Barlow, William Barnhart, Luciana Bianchi, Brian Blakkolb, Dominique Bruno, Joe Bushman, Yong Ik Byun, Mike Chiville, Tim Conrow, Brian Cooke, Jose Donas, James Fanson, Karl Forster, Peter G. Friedman, Robert Grange, Dave Griffiths, Tim Heckman, James Jee, Patrick JelinskySugwhan Kim, Siu Chun Lee, Young Wook Lee, Dankai Liu, Barry Madore, Roger Malina, Alan Mazer, Ryan McLean, Bruno Milliard, William Mitchell, Marco Morais, Patrick Morrissey, Sue Neff, Frederic Raison, David Randall, Mike Rich, David Schiminovich, Wesley Schmitigal, Amit Sen, Oswald Siegmund, Todd Small, Joe Stock, Frank Surber, Alex Szalay, Arthur Vaughan, Tim Weigand, Barry Welsh, Patrick Wu, Ted Wyder, C. Kevin Xu, Jenny Zsoldas

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