Two-Stage Compact Wideband Flat Gain Low-Noise Amplifier Using High-Frequency Feedforward Active Inductor

Junyoung Jang, Hansol Kim, Geunhaeng Lee, Tae Wook Kim

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In this article, a wideband differential low-noise amplifier (LNA) for multiband wireless communication applications is proposed. First, shunt peaking is implemented with a self-biased active inductor (AI) to realize wideband characteristics in a compact size. Second, a cross-coupled capacitor is added to the AI, thus constructing a feedforward path. It adds a signal to the output node so that the bandwidth (BW) can be further increased by compensating the gain reduction according to the frequency. Additionally, the feedforward path creates another feedback loop, generating a negative capacitance. The negative capacitance can cancel parasitic capacitance to increase BW with a cascade amplifier. The prototype LNA is fabricated with a 65-nm CMOS process. It has a gain of 26.7 dB and a BW of 4.1 GHz. The noise figure (NF) is 3 dB and the third-order input intercept point (IIP3) is-14.2 dBm at 2 GHz. It consumes 13.9 mA at a 1-V supply and has an area of 0.009 mm2

Original languageEnglish
Article number8891917
Pages (from-to)4803-4811
Number of pages9
JournalIEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Dec

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Manuscript received February 18, 2019; revised May 12, 2019 and July 23, 2019; accepted August 17, 2019. Date of publication November 5, 2019; date of current version December 27, 2019. This work was supported by an Institute of Information & communications Technology Planning & Evaluation (IITP) grant funded by the Korean Government (MSIT) (No. 2017-0-00418). (Corresponding author: Tae Wook Kim.) The authors are with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul 120-749, South Korea (e-mail:

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  • Radiation
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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