Vertical control by combining a monoblock appliance in adult class III overclosure treatment

Masataka Hisano, Kunihiko Ohtsubo, Chooryung J. Chung, Fajar Nastion, Kunimichi Soma

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Monoblock appliances were used in combination with intermaxillary elastics for treatment of adult skeletal Class III patients. The patients showed predisposing upper incisors problems, significant mobility in patient 1 and root resorption in patient 2, which contraindicated direct intrusion of the incisors. Using the monoblock with selective extrusion of the molars, a clockwise rotation was induced to reduce overbite and to achieve a better profile. It was also possible to reduce the excessive force to the upper incisors during and after treatment, which improved incisor mobility to a physiologic extent (patient 1) and prevented further progression of root resorption (patient 2). Stability was high after the 2-year follow-up, which suggests a stable vertical control approach by using the monoblock appliance in combination with a fixed appliance in adults.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)226-235
Number of pages10
JournalAngle Orthodontist
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2006 Mar 2

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  • Orthodontics


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